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Day 10 - Not working on anything in particular, just revising for my exam next week. #Python & #Perl, practicing all the basics that might show up on the paper.

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #christianity, #development, and #python.

9 Best Free #Python Integrated Development Environments #programming #ide


Python as a declarative programming language (2017)

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Posted by akashtndn (karma: 476)
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\#HackerNews #2017 #declarative #language #programming #python
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#python forces good coding practices, hence the indents. too bad there's no way to force explanatory comments for code sections 😀


#Performance #Python: 7 Strategies for #Optimizing Your Numerical #Code via @YouTube

Performance Python: 7 Strategies for Optimizing Your Numerical Code

Python provides a powerful platform for working with data, but often the most straightforward data analysis can be painfully slow. When used effectively, tho...

Ein Bekannter fragte mich, ob mir adhoc #Java oder #Python-Entwickler einfallen würden, was ich verneinen musste. Er bat mich daher sein #Jobangebot zu teilen:

Also wer sucht einen #Job und beherrscht Java oder Python?

Jobs | Greenception

Auch gerne weiter teilen!


hblox {command line ad blocker for Linux}

hblox {command line ad blocker for Linux}

hblox is an command line ad blocker for Linux using the hosts file. (written in Python 3)


Arch User Repository:

Tags: #AdBlocker #Adaway #Hosts #File #Python #Terminal #command-line #ArchLinux

Alright, day 2 of #100DaysOfCoding. Today, I'm just posting what I made progress on in my No Starch Press book, Python Crash Course. Introduction to dictionaries and using some of the built in methods to pull keys, values, or both from them in loops. With that said here it is:
favorite_languages = {
'jen': 'python',
'sarah': 'c',
'edward': 'ruby',
'phil': 'python'

print("\nUsing the items method will return the keyed pair")
for name, language in favorite_languages.items():
print(name.title() + "'s favorite language is " +
language.title() + ".")

print("\nIf we use the keys() method, it will only return the key")
for name in favorite_languages.keys():

print("\nsorting values in a dictionary")
for name in sorted(favorite_languages.keys()):
print(name.title() + ", thank you for taking the poll.")

print("\nprinting only values")
print("The following languages have been mentioned:")
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Following @Jenna on the #100DaysOfCoding challenge, I think I'll use it as a vehicle to spew out what I'm learning in #Python as a work through Python Crash Course as well as #bash stuff that I encounter that I find interesting.

Today will be bash kind of day 😀

So a simple for loop in bash, it is common to read the contents of a file. More often then not, you will see the cat command used to send a list to be used. For instance, say we have a list of IP addresses and we want to find out if there are any DNS records for them. Let's assume this is the list of IP addresses:

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Does anyone know of a way to play multiple simultaneous mp3 files in Pygame? - Can only load and play one file at a time
pygame.mixer.Sound - Can play simultaneous WAV files, but doesn't support mp3
pygame.mixer.Channel - I can't figure this one out.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

#python #pygame

A NumPy-compatible matrix library accelerated by CUDA #python

Day 6/7 - Finalizing my #Python assignment. Completely finished Stage 1 which involved reading and executing flows and services from a json file. #100DaysOfCoding

Haha 😁


Testing from Selenium in Python #python #selenium


Hello Again!

I switched pods due to technical challenges with my first one. Here's to not having to move again (hopefully). A couple tidbits about me:

* I'm a #linux (I use #archlinux by the way...)
* I'm currently a self "employed" web developer.
* My go-to languages this year are #javascript and #python. I enjoy full stack development and would use either for front and back. I'm just getting into #React and it's neat. I'm very curious about #rust.
* I love that #... mehr anzeigen

qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI.
It’s based on Python and PyQt5 and free software, licensed under the GPL.
Qt WebEngine uses code from the Chromium project. However, it is not containing all of Chrome/Chromium:

- Binary files are stripped out
- Auxiliary services that talk to Google platforms are stripped out
- The codebase is modularized to allow use of system libraries like OpenSSL

#python #pyqt #open-source #free-software #foss #floss #web-browsers


Pyre: Fast Type Checking for Python

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Posted by jimarcey (karma: 589)
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\#HackerNews #checking #fast #for #pyre #python #type
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Terry Gilliam on his techniques for Monty Python animations (2014)

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Posted by brudgers (karma: 32877)
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\#HackerNews #2014 #animations #for #gilliam #his #monty #python #techniques #terry
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Day 4/5 - To be honest I've not done much actual #coding. Our capstone programming project is in the final stages and I've spent a lot of time writing test cases and finalizing other documentation. I did do a little more on my #python assignment, and created a few more services and flows. #100DaysOfCoding


Glom – Restructured Data for Python

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Posted by mhashemi (karma: 571)
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\#HackerNews #data #for #glom #python #restructured
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Hola a todos, soy Eduardo. Tengo interés en #anime, #cine, #debian, #django, #linux, #mexico, #python y #videogames.


Humble Bundle Python Dev Kit

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